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In workplaces across the country, people living with mental health conditions are waiting an average of 11 years to seek help. Why? Eighty percent of employees say shame and stigma prevents them from reaching out for support.

Is Your Company Listening? NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore can help you eradicate stigma in your workplace by providing programs designed to create open conversations and connect employees to resources both inside and outside the workplace. We deliver StigmaFree Workplace, NAMI In Our Own Voice, The Intersection of Race and Mental Health, Pandemic Resilience, Men’s Mental Health, In Crisis: Understanding Suicide, and more to corporate campuses across our service area.

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The estimated percentage of employees' mental health conditions that are undiagnosed or untreated
$ billion
The employer cost of lost revenue each year because of mental health conditions
The number of workdays lost each year because of mental health conditions
$ billion
The cost of lost earnings each year because of decreased performance and productivity attributed to untreated mental health conditions

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