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8 in 10 workers who live with a mental health condition say that shame and stigma prevent them from seeking help.

Embracing a stigmafree culture can make a big difference. There are many ways that workplaces can prioritize mental health, and offer support to employees.

What’s the first step companies can take? Start by listening, with an open mind and without judgement.

I Will Listen can help your workplace begin an honest and open conversation about mental health. NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore can work with your company to design a campaign that addresses your unique workplace needs.

The estimated percentage of employees' mental health conditions that are undiagnosed or untreated
$ billion
The employer cost of lost revenue each year because of mental health conditions
The number of workdays lost each year because of mental health conditions
$ billion
The cost of lost earnings each year because of decreased performance and productivity attributed to untreated mental health conditions

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